Tiny House FAQ

1How does supply of water and the water system work?
The fresh water tank holds 140 litres of water. This is concealed within the custom built trailer. The filling point is at side of the house similar to how you would refill a car with gas. Valve-1 and pump switch are located below the kitchen sink. 
 When connecting the external water to prime the water tank, open the valve-1, observe the water meter index and overflow pipe until the tank is filled. Turn on the 
pump switch when the tank is filled with water, close the valve-1. When connecting the external water to supply the vehicle directly, turn off the pump 
switch, close the valve 1. 
 The water flow should be fully circulated in the pipe before connecting the electric water heater.
2How does the drainage work?
Connect an external sewage pipe before draining water off. 
 The drain valve is located below the front chassis on the right side of the vehicle 
 The two red handles control the drain valve of the black water tank and the grey water tank separately. The front side is a black water tank which collects toilet waste 
water. The rear side is an ash water tank which collects other waste water 
 Pull the handle to open the valve, push the handle to close the valve. 
 Special chemicals are added to break down any solids and waste to a black liquid form which is drained into a container to be disposed of.
3Does the tiny house come with electricity and is it certified?
The Tiny house comes with electricity which is inspected and certified to meet the countries standard. The electricity needs to be plugged in the same way you would plug in a caravan.
4Does the tiny house come with gas and what does this entail?
The tiny house comes with gas to heat the hot water. The hot water cylinder is built in but you will need to buy your own gas bottles or do swap a bottle.
5When can I have one?
We have stock arriving monthly but most is pre sold by the time it arrives, so unless there is a product available then you would be waiting 16 weeks to delivery. This is also the case if you are wanting to personalise colours and interior fixtures and fittings so your tiny house is customised to your desires.
6When am I required to pay and how?
We require you to pay a 50% deposit upon making your order. The balance is due upon delivery.
7What if my tiny house is damaged during the shipping process?
We have transit insurance which covers the replacement value and damages of each tiny house. It is therefore our responsibility to supply you with a product that is 100% the quality we stand by.
8What if something is defective or not working after I receive my tiny house?
Your tiny house comes with a 24-month appliance warranty and a 5-year tiny house build warranty
9What are the local by-laws for the area I live in?
They differ from town to town so you need to perhaps contact your local council and find out the necessary information you need as part of your own due diligence.
10What appliances, fixtures and fittings come with the tiny home?
The bathroom can be fitted with a toilet of your preference; however, a composting toilet is at an additional cost. The bathroom has a quality vanity with a ceramic butcher basin sink, quartz stone bench top, mirror and cupboards. You can choose between a corner 900mm x 900mm shower with glass surround or an exquisite claw foot bath-tub with showering facilities built in. The kitchen area has a quartz stone benchtop with a ceramic butcher basin and a magnetic stove top with 2 elements. The standard cupboards are country styled with a warm white finish and metal handles. There is a couch in the living room which pulls out to a queen bed. We will supply a selection of standard swabs and cushions. The small dining table is built in and has an industrial stained wood finish. The beds are built into the tiny house with a selection of storage within the bases.
11What do I need to buy myself for my tiny house to function?
You will need to buy your own wall arm TV, front loading washing machine and fridge/freezer You will need to arrange your own air conditioning or heating unit (we can supply a competitive quote to install) but this has to be clarified during production. If you want to roast or bake then we recommend you purchase a bench top convection oven as the tiny house is designed to fit a convection oven, however we can custom the design to fit a regular oven too.